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Investing in Miles – Be your own Hero..!

Investing in miles…!

Lot of people ask me which is the best way to be fit or which is the best sport to be fit. I truly believe that endurance sports like running, cycling, triathlon and Ironman are one of the best way to be fit and to adopt sports as a lifestyle. There are many reasons for that.

I have personally done lot of serious bodybuilding, then moved into martial arts for 3 years. Then got into marathon running, then Ironman and then into ultracycling sport and races like RAAM and Trans Siberian Extreme. When I look back endurance sports is one of the best way to be fit. You have all the elements in endurance sports like stamina, strength, flexibility, yoga and mental strength etc etc.

Apart from that you can train either in group or solo for endurance sports. If you have company for training it is better. If you don’t have company for training, it is even better for people like me. I like all the loneliness of training. I am cut-off from the outer world and just focusing on present job which might be to run, swim or bike or doing strength training. Then training becomes my meditation.

Apart from that the best part of endurance sports is that you can set your own goals. You are your biggest competition. Every race which you are racing you can have your own goal which can be to become a finisher or improve your time from the last attempt in similar race. So set your own goals and chase them down – is the way to do endurance sports.

Apart from that investing our time in running these miles in training has a major impact on our physical health and your mind. We all get 24 hours every day. If we start investing one or two hour everyday on improving our health. At the end of one year we will have more than 365 hrs of training done. All these hours add up to your quality of life. We acquire all the fitness to run marathons or Ironman and at the same time lead a outdoor life. We can go to trekking and hiking any time.

Endurance sport is life long. Now a days we have competition in age categories in marathons or Ironman all the way up to the age of 60 years. Endurance sports can be perceived seriously for many many years and one can be either a competitive or recreational athlete for many years.

Endurance sports has a great social life to offer. We become part of this fitness community in our city and also internationally these days. I have made friends all across the world during my last 8 years in endurance sports. It always feels great to be part of this tribe and meet many more crazy people across the world.

In the end, investing your time in running those miles is truly worth it. The more early starts the better are the returns all through the life in endurance sports.

Dr Amit Samarth

Miles N Milers

Be your own Hero…!

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