Into a New role at Ironman Bahrain 70.3 2018

Ironman Bahrain 2018 is the one of the most special Ironman 70.3 races for me. After Trans Siberian Extreme and Great Himalayan Ultra I was in a hibernation mode and focusing more on training others for ultracycling, marathon and Ironman races. The Ironman group within the Miles N Milers Community is one of the most sincere and hard working. The group first started with two members Sachin Shirbavikar and Dr Abhinav Kohner. Then many more jumped in. Along the way around 8 to 9 months back Sachin and Abhinav both decided to do Ironman Bahrain. Dr Sanjay Jaiswal, Rajendra Jaiswal also joined in later and wanted to do Ironman.

Bhushan Vaswani, Dr Abhinav Kohner, Dr Parag Tapre, Sachin Shirbavikar all went on to do Ironman 70.3 Bahrain 2018 successfully. Dr Sanjay Jaiswal along with his two sons did the race in relay.

At the age of 47, Sachin is one of the most sincere and hard working athlete. He is a businessman by profession. Sachin is also a Diabetic patient for last 12 years. He has Improved his fitness and cycling skills immensely in these last six months before the race with his discipline with training and nutrition. Swimming is not his strength but I am sure after this experience he will improve a lot. Due to his Ironman training, he has no dependency on Diabetic drugs to control his sugar levels.

Bhushan Vaswani, 43 yr old, another businessman from Nagpur was the most latest entry in the Ironman Club on Miles N Milers. He has done Super Randonneur successfully. And then joined Miles N Milers for improving his marathon and doing Ironman someday. Regular training along with Sachin and Abhinav dramatically improved his fitness and he lost some 8 to 9 kg extra weight on the way. Bhushan is a naturally good swimmer and also got his personal best half marathon at Bangalore marathon. He was the dark horse of the race and finished first among the Ironman trainees of Miles N Milers at Ironman Bahrain.

Dr Parag Tapre, 46 year old, Paediatric surgeon from Akola is another example of commitment and dedication. He doesn’t train one to one in Nagpur but trains in Akola as per the training schedule provided. He is extremely meticulous in looking at his data figures. He got his personal best half marathon during training for Ironman Bahrain. During training he didn’t had access to swimming pool in Akola so he used to drive to Amravati or Khamgaon to get his swimming training done. On few occasions he also came to Nagpur to swim in Ambazari lake. For Parag all three disciplines come naturally. He is good at everything and with experience and more training history he will do better

Dr Abhinav Kohner, 45 year old, Orthopedic Surgeon from Nagpur, did Ironman Bahrain 70.3 successfully. Abhinav is great swimmer. He likes to run also. He is a reluctant cyclist and is always looking for reasons to skip cycling training. He also got a personal best half marathon during training for Ironman 70.3. Abhinav made sure that he gets his cycling training done for Ironman. He is a very busy orthopedic surgeon but his commitment to training will take him to many more Ironman race titles.

Dr Sanjay Jaiswal, 50 year old, Ophthalmology specialist from Nagpur did Ironman 70.3 in Malaysia successfully just three weeks back. At ironman Bahrain he did the race along with his two sons who are studying medicine in relay format. His wife did the IronGirl 5 km run at the race. It was great to see the family on a active holiday.


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