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Mission Zero Mile

Dr Amit Samarth, one of the top cyclist of India and Bicycle Mayor of Nagpur is going to Cycle from India Gate (New Delhi) to Zero Mile of India (Nagpur) on 27th November. He plans to cycle this distance of 1035 km in between New Delhi and Nagpur in record time of under 40 hours. He plans to create World UltraCycling Association Record. It will be almost non-stop cycling from Delhi to Nagpur without any sleep breaks... Read More >>

Meet the real Dr Amit Samarth!!

Popularly known as The Ghostrider, here is a man who has some superhuman feats to his credit! True to his tag line “Be Your Own Hero” Amit is the real life super hero for many. He has inspired tons and changed the lives of many by superseding his own accomplishments one after the other. A medical graduate from Indira Gandhi Government Medical College, Nagpur, Dr Amit Samarth is an alumnus of the prestigious John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA where he did his Masters in Public Health. After returning to India, he worked in various Public Health organisations that took him to different parts of the country such as Hyderabad, Thanjavur etc. As a young adult, he had developed a passion for fitness. A fat school kid had metamorphosed into an avid gym enthusiast in his college days. He was into body building, inspired profoundly by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman. During his stay at Hyderabad, he took to learning martial arts from his mentor Md. Mallik sir and changed his entire perspective to fitness, body morphing and improving flexibility. It was during this time that Amit took to endurance sports and became one of the prolific runners. He was one of the founder members of Hyderabad Runners. He participated and completed almost 16 Ironman 70.3 and also the full Ironman. Hyderabad was an important milestone in Amit’s life where his life changed from bodybuilding and gym to endurance sports. It was also a landmark place where he married the love of his life Mukul. From there, his career moved Amit moved to Thanjavur. And this is where he realised a unique combination of two of his passions- public health and fitness. Along with a few local friends, his good friend Anirudh Pandya and Mukul, Amit organised the Thanjavur Marathon. It was a local event but it helped Amit gain immense popularity. For two successive years before moving out, they successfully conducted the Thanjavur Marathon…. An event people still remember even today! This was the birth of a unique concept of starting a sports academy in his own home town Nagpur. Amit and Mukul along with a toddler Ayaan moved back home and started the MILES & MILERS ENDURANCE SPORTS ACADEMY (MnM) and ProHEALTH Foundation.


Ultra Cycling Pursuits

The story behind RAAM (Race Across America) is also interesting. This was the race after which a new star was born on the horizon of ultra cycling in India. Amit had always been into running. Cycling wasn’t his forte exactly. He had participated in races like the Deccan Cliffhanger and the Delhi -Wagah border brevet and finished with good timings. One fine day, a senior friend Mr Bhanu Rajgopalan introduced him to this concept of ultra cycling and participating at RAAM in USA. Amit had no idea what a mammoth task he had gotten himself into. But he thrives on challenges and this one was big enough to feed his belly for a long time! So off he set…. First he himself went to crew Seana Hogan to get a feel of what RAAM is and also to study the route. Amit studied the entire event and understood the details of what needs to be done next. The next task was to create sponsorship for such a massive event. For an amateur like Amit, no one would be interested in shelving out a chunk of finances. Enter Mr Jeetendra Nayak, lovingly called as Jeetu Sir, the father figure in Amit’s life!! Jeetu sir suggested Amit do a test ride of 2500 kms in India. This would prove the sponsors of his capability and give Amit a reality check for himself too. Proving worthy of everyone’s expectations, Amit successfully completed the ride in 5 days and 5 hours and got a few good sponsors for his solo participation in RAAM. Amit’s crew team was a unique combination of his mother, his wife, his son and few good friends who simply loved him! He jokingly calls this crew team as the Lagaan Team (from the superhit movie LAGAAN directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar). A unique mosaic of a crew supporting a rookie from India was witness to history being created when Dr Amit Samarth became the first ultracyclist from India to finish RAAM solo in the first attempt…. A distance of 4900 kms in 11 hrs 21 min. It was a big moment in the lives of not just Amit but each and every one who had faith that he could do it.